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How to “Hack” Your Own Brain

Much like a computer responds to commands, your brain can be programmed to accept any changes you might want to make in your life. However, many of your current behaviors stem from unconstructive programming you received as a child that may stand in the way of change. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, in his book Psycho-Cybernetics, published […]

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The New Age of Retirement

For many, the word “retirement” conjures up images of “Gramps” out in the garage making bird feeders while “Granma” serves tea following a game of bridge with the ladies. That stereotypical image, along with the idea that aging is inevitably accompanied by diminishing mental capacity, is no longer true—if, in fact, it ever was. A […]

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10 things to stop tolerating

Tolerations are a drain on life energy and distract you from your life purpose. Here’s a list of 10 behaviors and situations to stop tolerating. 1. Unkind words or behavior. If you’ve been putting up with people speaking disrespectfully to you, some work on your self-esteem may be in order. 2. Poor work/life balance. It’s […]

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Speaking Your Truth

Heather, a baker for a catering company, began having issues with one of her co-workers after he bulldozed over her experience and capability in the kitchen. After her resentment had built up to a nearly unmanageable level, she called for a meeting, during which she explained to him how she was feeling.

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Are You Living Your Life on a Treadmill?

Do you work hard but feel like you’ve accomplished little or nothing at the end of the day? Do the fruits of your labor leave you wanting more? Do you find yourself wondering, “Is this is all there is to life?” If so, chances are you’ve been living as if you’re on an endless treadmill. […]

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Life on a Swing: Bipolar Disorder

We all experience a variety of moods, including happiness, sadness, anger and frustration. Having “good” moods, “bad” moods and fluctuations in moods is an inevitable part of life. But when a person experiences extreme emotional highs (mania) followed by extreme lows (depression) and these fluctuations severely and negatively impact how they behave and function in […]

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