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10 Things to be thankful for all year long

We tend to focus more on gratitude and giving thanks in the fall. Consider, however, all there is to be grateful for every single day.

  1. Color. Sunsets, Gauguin paintings, green peppers, blue eyes. Imagine a world without color.
  2. Beauty. What do your eyes feast on? What splendor makes your soul rejoice? It is all around us every day. How often do you stop to drink it in?
  3. Music. What inspires you, lifts your mood? Rock & roll, African drumming, violin concertos, Turkish ud, gospel? A nightingale?
  4. Young children. They model for us innocence, faith, resilience, playfulness and unconditional love.
  5. The ability to learn. There is no age limit on learning. When we stop learning, we really stop living.
  6. Opportunity. It’s our steady companion, and it’s always ready to take us down a path yet unknown. (Hint: We just have to say “Yes!”)
  7. The plant world. From the productivity of a late-summer tomato plant to the delicate unfurling of a fern, nature’s exuberance and tenderness is something to behold.
  8. The ability to give. Every act of love benefits the giver as much as the receiver.
  9. The senses. Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell—daily miracles each of them.
  10. Change. It’s unavoidable; the only constant. Change can be unsettling or challenging. But the mystery of it and what lies beyond it can keep us young at heart.

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