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10 Creative Decision Making Techniques

Most of us have our own way of making decisions. We may carefully consider the pros and cons, consult with experts or ask loved ones. Here are 10 more unusual methods to try.

1. Flip a coin. Then notice your first reaction. If it lands on the “wrong” choice, you’ll feel disappointed.

2. Role-play. Let each person or thing represent a different aspect of the decision. What does each perspective have to say?

3. Meditate. When you quiet your mind, the answer may bubble up easily.

4. Drawing or collage. Consider each option pictorially. Your most attractive option may become obvious.

5. Use a dartboard. Like with flipping a coin, notice how you feel when the dart hits its mark.

6. Sleep on it. This is still one of the most effective ways to find clarity.

7. Dream incubation. Write out the issue before going to bed. When you awake, consider any dream to be a possible clue to the answer—or the question behind the question.

8. Dance each option. Which feels better in your body? Which flows through you more fluidly?

9. Sing. Make up a song about the decision. You may be surprised by what comes out of your mouth.

10. Try tarot cards or the i ching. Consider these to be tools for exploring how you really feel and think.