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10 Things to Change in 2011

The turning of a year turns our thoughts to how we might improve upon the year that’s receding. Here are 10 suggestions for things to change in 2011.

  1. Fear of making a mistake. Face it, you will. Do your best and no one can fault you.
  2. Jumping to conclusions. Think situations through before rendering judgment. Consider whether you know all of the facts.
  3. Trying to please everyone. It’s just not possible, and the effort usually makes YOU displeased.
  4. Thinking you’re always right. Opening to other points of view can be a liberating experience.
  5. Putting yourself down. Modesty may be a virtue, but self-denigration does nothing but harm.
  6. Overly focusing on the negative. You don’t have to be Pollyanna, but don’t miss the good things in your life.
  7. Regret. Learn the lessons of the past, and then let your regrets go. Nothing is served by dwelling on them.
  8. Comparing yourself to others. This is a destructive game you can never win. Refuse to engage in it.
  9. Despair. No matter how unfortunate your circumstances, it is possible to improve them. Seek help and support.
  10. Fear of aging. Medical advances, exercise, good nutrition and community raise our life expectancy and well-being. Embrace those elements and enjoy your longer life.